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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

shirt, scarf - vintage, skirt, bag - charity shop, shoes - shoe zone

Total Outfit Price: £9.09

Wow what a bargain outfit! The shirt and scarf were my nanny's so no cost for those! It's such a nice day. I'd love to spend the whole day in the sun but unfortunately I have to go to the orthodontist, I haven't worn a brace since 2010 so why I still have to go, I don't know! RANT OVER!

I'm going to make some macaroons tomorrow morning so expect so see some pretty pictures of those!

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  1. Wow, brilliant price for a brilliant outfit! I love charity shops. Never had Macaroons before :D

    1. I love your comments! It's so nice to know that someone is reading my blog a lot :)


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