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Saturday, March 24, 2012

top, vest, skirt - primark, shoes - new look, watch - gift

Total Outfit Price: £20.00

I am finally wearing my car print top! Which I am in love with. It's so nice and easy to wear I think I might live in it for the summer! I hope the weather stays like this, I've got easter break coming up so it would be great if it stays warm. I'm excited to go on picnics and go exploring! I forgot how much I love summer!

I'm hoping that I can match last month's page views of over 1,000 I think if I do I will hold a giveaway! I think a few pieces of jewellery would be nice, don't you? So if you want me to hold the giveaway please share my blog around and then we'll all be happy!

I hope you all enjoy your day in the sun!

P.S Excuse my hair! I'm having a bad hair day!

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  1. Shoes <3 And I love the skirt, your top makes me want to watch Cars :D


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