Sunday, June 17, 2012

When I discovered in Glamour Magazine that L'Occitane were holding an event I knew I had to go. Although I knew little about the brand I knew I wanted to sample their range. The deal was you paid £10 and received a £50 goody bag, a hand massage, personal skincare diagnosis and a glass of bubbly.

Unfortunately the event at the Norwich store was cancelled however we were able to re arrange for another day. And that was yesterday. After a day of non stop shopping a nice relaxation was just what me and Mama needed.

We started off which a personal skincare diagnosis. My skin type is oily combination and the products used were tailored to this.

To cleanse: Shea Cleansing Milk RRP £15
To tone: Immortelle Essential Water RRP £17
Serum: Immortelle Divine Extract RRP £69
Moisturiser: Angelica Hydration Cream RRP £29
Eye Balm: Immortelle Divine Eyes RRP £46

Now I will agree that's not cheap! But a nice luxury product now and then is good for the soul! This combination felt heavenly on my skin, so much lighter and plumped. The Angelica range is perfect for oily combination skin but also for those with sensitivity. ME! So I really wanted to try it out.

We also were showed about fragrance layering this was combined with a hand massage. Fragrance layering is using a combination of hand cream, body lotion and the perfume on top as just spraying perfume onto the skin does not seal it and it won't last as long. Using fragrance layering your perfume lasts for a lot longer through the day.

My hands were exfoliated with the One Minute Hand Srub RRP £13. This was followed by Cherry Blossom Petal Soft Body Cream RRP £27 and then Cherry Blossom Petal Soft Hand Cream RRP £14. This really pampered my hands and then to seal everything off I was then sprayed with the beautiful Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette RRP £38. The fragrance lasted forever and I couldn't stop sniffing my arm! I must of looked like a right weirdo! Ha.

Our whole afternoon was wonderful and we were truly pampered. To finish our lovely day off we then got our goody bags and the lovely lady then gave us loads of free samples to try out the products. Mamma and I made a sneaky purchase as we also received 15% off and we couldn't say no to that!

Overall it was a lovely day and we got an amazing goody bag, amazing treatments and learnt a lot of new techniques.

I'll be reviewing the products individually too!

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  1. love love love L'Occitane! looking forward to your reviews :D

    1. I love the angelica range so much! :) xx

  2. never heard of L'Occitane, sounds interesting, really look foward to the reviews :) xo


  3. That sounds like such a good deal! Looking forward to the reviews.

    1. I'll be revieing them soon so keep an eye out! :) xx


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