Witch Flawless Friends Event #1

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Some of the pictures are from the following people: Lily - llymlrs.com Law - thatsoyesterday.blogspot.com & Sarah - amilliondresses.blogspot.co.uk

Dress – H by Henry Holland, Tights & Bag – Primark, Jacket – Charity Shop, Scarf & Shoes** – New Look

Total Outfit Price: £36.09

So yesterday was the Witch Skincare Flawless Friends meet up. There are 20 of us all together but not everyone was able to make it. The day was amazing! Yesterday was my first ever event as a blogger and I had an awful feeling that I would feel and look horribly out of place (my blog is 7 months old). But I had no need to worry, as everyone was lovely.

We started off the day at Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant on Southbank. It’s an amazing place and the food was delicious. I tried cactus! Oh yeah. It was weird but tasted good. At Wahaca we were given a present a lovely pair of Hunter wellies (we were originally meant to be going to vintage festival)!

We then headed to the London Eye in a private pod! There was lots of picture taking and giggling as well as pervy man in the pod next to us trying to take our photo! Nice.

We then found out what the wellies were for! We headed off to the duck tour. Which if you don’t know involves a little bus (type thing, nice a technical) that takes you around London on the usual sight seeing tour you then head into the Thames. In the car! I almost died it was rather scary but a great experience! The tour guide was crazy and talked to us about llamas and everything in between. We were given a little bag of sweets (how cute) and a duck whistle to blow at the tourists!

It was an amazing day and I want to say thank you to everyone for being so lovely and welcoming. I’ve made some new friends and have never laughed so such in my life! And a massive thank you to Witch Skincare. Who arranged everything for us! Such a great day! Love you guys.

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  1. Looks like a great day! I'd love to know how they served cactus haha xx

  2. Sounds fantastic - all the updates on Twitter made me SO jealous! You all looked gorgeous :-)


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