Flawless Friends Perfect Summer Look!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

bralet, skirt**, hat - New Look bracelet - Prairie Charms, pearls - Gift

Total Outfit Price: £21.49

This outfit is for my Flawless Friends perfect summer look. I am in love with this maxi skirt and it's perfect for when we do have the nice odd summer day. I'm trying to find a black one for winter.

I love the bralet too! It goes so well with anything high waisted! Topped off with my big floppy sun hat and I'm set for lounging in the garden listening to 60's music. Ahhhh heaven!

Only 2 days till Dolly Peg launches! Ahh so excited.

4 Replies


  1. Love that skirt!

  2. This outfit looks absolutely amazing on you :) x

  3. Gorgeous skirt, it hangs so nicely and the soft colour looks lovely with the bralet. Very pretty! xxx


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