Friday, August 17, 2012

top**, jeans**, shoes, hat - New Look

Total Outfit Price: £30.98

I'm addicted to this colour at the moment. I think it's the colour for autumn! I'm also addicted to this hat. It glams up any outfit.

I'm still feeling ill. I think I might be going back to the Dr's next week. Grr! I hate being ill. I'm staying in and watching a film tonight, relaxing before our engagement party tomorrow I might post outfit pics of my evening outfit!

Thanks again to the lovely people that have been supporting Dolly Peg. We are a week old today and sold a few bits already. I'd be really grateful if you could head over there and take a look!

4 Replies


  1. this is a gorgeous outfit, i always wear that colour in autumn too! hope you feel better soon xo

    1. Thank you! I love this colour so much :) xx

  2. Gorgeous colour - my favourite A/W shade as well! It really suits you :-) Get well soon xxx

    1. Aww it's such a great colour! Thank you, hopefully I'll feel better soon :)


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