Edible gifts: White chocolate and raspberry bark & chocolate baskets.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another easy yet great looking gift. Perfect to pop in a hamper with all the other edible gifts in this series or on it's own in some pretty cellophane. I hadn't planned on making this, and actually it was my mother in law who made it. After my truffles with melted chocolate on went horribly wrong I was left with a big bowl of melted chocolate and she suggested that we turned it into bark. What a great idea it was. We had some left over raspberries and white chocolate shavings so they went on as well. Such an easy gift. But if you want to make it more impressive, why not try a chocolate basket to present it in. 

Chocolate bark 

100g milk chocolate
white chocolate shavings
freeze dried raspberries* (or any fruit you like)
you could always use nuts, chocolate chips or anything else you have lying around.

Break the chocolate up into a bowl and place in the microwave to melt. Keep checking on it and stir regularly until silky smooth.

Pour the chocolate onto a lined baking tray. Sprinkle over the white chocolate and raspberries. 

Leave to set. Break into pieces or leave whole.

Chocolate baskets

150g chocolate 
cake release spray
small water balloons

Melt the chocolate in the microwave as above. 

Blow up the balloons and coat in cake release spray.

Dip the inflated water balloons into the melted chocolate and leave to set. Or alternatively pipe the chocolate over the balloon to make a woven basket effect.

Burst the balloons carefully, by making a small cut in the top and letting it deflate. Remove the balloon. 

Use to serve chocolate bark, ice cream or any other sweet treat.

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