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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

When you make your own presents how its' presented and how it looks is important. There's no point in spending your time on baking/making something delicious and then giving it to someone in a ice cream tub. (Yes I do wash up and reuse ice cream tubs to store baking/food in, it's a family tradition, blame my mum, sorry mum if you're reading this!) 

So I've come up with a few ways you can present your gifts without spending a fortune. 

Paper bags - Traditional brown paper bags are always good and you can pick them up so easily on eBay. Or if you're feeling a bit adventurous why not get a candy striped bag, pick a festive colour like red or green. Decorate with a pretty tag, bow or with a star cookie/salt dough (salt dough tutorial coming Friday!) 

Old fashioned - Good old brown paper and string! Make a tag out of brown paper too and secure it with a mini peg!

Cellophane bags - Also found on eBay and perfect for pretty things like truffles. Secure with ribbon. 

Tags - Make your own tags, Homemade with love, Eat by and telling people what's in their food is always a good idea. Use alphabet stamps to spell it out. Also found on eBay.

So that's it. Get creative. Why not bundle all these lovely edible gifts up into one big hamper?

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  1. Oh I really want one of those label makers! Lovely sparkly Christmassy photos :) xxx

  2. All really good ideas :) Every year I make gift tags from old Christmas cards people have sent the year before, saves a few pounds :) xx


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