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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I think sometimes when you've been baking since you were small you forget that not everyone can cook/bake and that something you think is simple may baffle someone else. I thought that I would do a few basic posts, from pastry, methods and equipment. It will be something to refer to and hopefully help anyone who wonders what a tsp is! Think of this as an idiots guide. I think sometimes an idiots guide is just what we need! 

This time its measurements. Recipes (mine included) usually contain abreviations of measurements. Personally I'm a bit lazy so typing less is always a bonus but I'm going to explain what the measures are!

tbsp - tablespoon - 15 ml 
Probably the most common measurement. 

1/2 tbsp - half tablespoon - 7.5ml
Would you believe it, it's half of a tablespoon.

tsp - teaspoon - 5ml
A lot of people use a teaspoon that you would stir you're tea with, this won't give you an accurate result.

1/2 tsp - half teaspoon - 2.5 ml
Once again it is just half of a teaspoon.

If you bake a lot I would reccommend you pick up some measuring spoons. These cost me £1 and although they are not the prettiest (not on the high street have some amazing measuring spoons!) they serve me well.

I hope this mini guide helps. Feel free to leave any questions or basic topics you'd like to see in the comments.
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