How to make a pom pom garland.

Monday, February 24, 2014

If you know me, you will know that I like to spend a lot of time on Pinterest (you can follow me here if you like!) and there's always something I want to make. I pin them and look back through my boards and decide on what to make. I went round my mum's the other week and got some of my old bits including a big bag of fabric and these balls of wool. So it was decided, pom poms had to be made. 

When I was little my mum and I would make these but wrapping wool around a circular piece of card. I can remember it taking forever. You can now buy pom pom makers which are even quicker than the method I used but my method is the easiest. All you need is your hand (you should hopefully have one of those) a pair of scissors and some wool. Simple as. My mum was impressed of how quick it was.

You will need:- A few balls of wool/yarn - your hand - scissors 

Choose a few different colours for your garland. 

Take your ball of wool and wrap around your hand. 50 times will make a small pom pom and 100 times a medium sized.

As soon as you've wrapped the wool enough times, cut the end

Cut a length of wool. It needs to be long enough to tie around the wool.

Carefully slide the wool bundle of your hands and tie the length of wool around the bundle.

Tie as tightly as you can. Three or four knots is ideal.

You will then need to cut the sides. Hold the length you've tied so you don't cut that by mistake.

Pull out the wool to make it more into a pom pom. Cut the other side the same.

You will need to give your pom pom a quick trim to neaten it up!

And repeat until you have enough pom poms to make the garland.

Take a long length of wool and use the length of wool on the pom pom to tie onto the long length of wool. Trim the pom pom length to blend in. Repeat this process until all the pom poms are safely secured.

And volia! The perfect pom pom garland. 

Now all you need to do is find the perfect place to hang your signature
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  1. Great Idea! It's so simple and so cute - love it :)

  2. Oh I use to love making pompoms has a child (I use to make snowmen for Christmas out of pompoms every year).

    1. Me too, my brother and I made giant ones. It took so long to make! :)

  3. Aw this is so lovely :) I haven't made pompoms in years! We used to make them by wrapping the wool around a card circle - this looks much simpler.

  4. Thank you! That's what I used to do until I found this method :)


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