My portable office.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Curry's have launched a competition asking bloggers to show off their portable office. I really liked this idea as I very much have a portable office. When we first moved into this house we planned to have an office in the front room. It's much smaller than the middle room but in the end due to aerial leads and that kind of thing (far to technical for me!) we ended up having the smaller room as the "living room" and then the middle room became the dining room. We had a desk so that ended up in the corner of the dining room by the window. Little did I know that that corner would have perfect light from 11am onward. Before then on a sunny day is just too bright, on a rainy day too dark but after 11 it's just perfect. And that's how I create my photographs for my blog posts.

I shoot 99% of my photographs here with the vintage radio in the background. After I've taken my photographs I then sit here with a cup of coffee and edit them. There's something so peaceful about this little corner it's the perfect place to blog just me, my camera and laptop (when the Mr is working). However I would be lying if I didn't say that some nights blogging happens from the comfort of my sofa but no one wants to see photographs of me slobbing out! 

So here it is my portable office where I spend most of my days blogging. One day I'd love a big house with an office full of beautiful natural light, it would be perfect for us too share but until then I'm happy with my little corner. 

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  1. Your little office is so cute. I just blog in my bed most of the time. Which is probably really bad for my posture. I promise I'm at a desk right now!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. aw your office is so sweet! i always just blog in my bed but i have no where else to do it as i dont have a text at the moment!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Aww thank you. I end up on the sofa a lot too!

  3. Cute office :) Love the photos <3

    Deja Zu

  4. OK, I've now decided that when we buy our own place I need my own little blogging office ! At the moment I sit on the sofa with the laptop on my lap and it isn't exactly comfortable!

    1. It's such a perfect little spot for me! :)


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