Home Sweet Home.

Friday, May 23, 2014

As the hummingbird bakery books says Home Sweet Home. I'm happy to admit I would much rather stay in than go out. We have our little routine of who has to make the tea, watching boxsets or things we've recorded on the TV. It comes as a surprise to people when I tell them this. People tell me at 21 I should be out partying and throwing my guts up from being too drunk every weekend. But you know what I'm happy to stay in. I'm happy to be an old soul, boring, a grandma. I enjoy being at home. 

And talking of home. I find it hard to believe that next month we will have been in this house a year and touch wood, so far we've had no major issues. Around six months ago I had the urge to change the house around a bit and it must be a six monthly thing because I want to change things around again. I like change and I feel another one coming on. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should!) you might have seen the pretty draw handles I posted a photo of. Now I just need to sand down, prime and paint the bedside tables and fit the draw handles and have a bit of a move around and then my bedroom will be look pretty.

It's hard when you rent a house as it restricts you from making major changes. But I'm hoping I can still have a house that looks something like this! I'm going to take things room by room as slowly give them a bit of a makeover.

I plan on buying pretty much everything second hand. Either from charity shops or car boot sales. I'll keep you updated on how things turn out. In the meantime back to Pinterest to give me all the inspiration I need.

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  1. I much prefer staying in too! Can't wait to see what you get up to :)

    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Glad I'm not the only one. I need to get round to sorting things now :)

  2. We rent atm and can't make any changes, my OH been in this place for nine years so you can imagine just how tired it is! Can't wait to get me into my house that's for sure!

    1. Yeah, I dream of making things my own and doing house up. I'd love it :)

  3. beautiful!

  4. I am similar and prefer to stay in rather than going out. We rent as well but are doing our best to make it ours using accessories/photos etc. When it needs it we will give it a lick of paint to keep it looking nice but as long as they are neutral colours or you return it to the state it was originally in by the time you leave, they should be fine with it! x

    1. Yeah. It's hard because we don't want to do too much as we are not planning on staying here for that long maybe another couple of years at the most. I just change up the accessories from time to time too :)


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