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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

top & flip flops - New Look
necklace - eBay
trousers - Charity Shop
sunglasses - H&M

Do you remember this outfit?  Well these are the trousers to match. You can  probably see now why I was so keen to keep them as separates. I do love a printed trouser and when they only cost you £3, even better. The only this is I never know what top to wear and I always go for a plan top just because I don't want to clash.

It makes me sad that I'll probably have to pack away the summer clothes for a few days. Apparently this sunshine is short lived. Blah. I've picked up some lovely pieces over the past week. One of my favourite charity shops had all their clothes for £1. I couldn't believe it and I could resist a few buys. At a £1 it would be rude not too.

I'm off work today. Yay! It's always weird having a week off and then going back in for one day, then another day off and then I don't have a day off until Sunday which is my Mama's birthday. I'm planning on baking her a rather special cake and I can't wait to bake it. But hey I'm not complaining about another day off (more of these please!) . I'm going over to see my sister and nephews today which is always fun.

I hope you enjoy your day whatever you're up to!

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  1. Lovely outfit. Unfortunately it's not sunny where I live yet. Which is good because I need to study. The necklace is beautiful.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Beautiful outfit - those trousers are amazing and can't believe they were only £3. I really need to start scouring the charity shops more - they're are some great ones near my office so need to pop out on a lunch break.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. fab!!


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