[Baby] 28 Weeks Pregnant Update

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pregnancy, 28, weeks, pregnant, baby, wood, lifestyle, blog, blogger, uk, pbloggers

Pregnancy, 28, weeks, pregnant, baby, wood, lifestyle, blog, blogger, uk, pbloggers

Pregnancy, 28, weeks, pregnant, baby, wood, lifestyle, blog, blogger, uk, pbloggers

Wow. 28 weeks already. That's crazy. I can't believe that in 12 weeks time she will be here. This pregnancy has flown past. I've really been enjoying it recently and not had too many moans. Any pains I do have are far outweighed by feeling her strong kicks. The other night in bed I felt like she was boxing against my stomach, it carried on for 5 minutes and was rather funny to feel.

The past few days I've felt her shuffle round a lot more. I think she's making the most of moving around and getting herself ready for her exit in 12 weeks time. The second trimester treated me quite well towards the end. The start I still felt exhausted and that magical feeling good didn't come until 20 weeks but the last 8 weeks have been great. Now I'm in the third trimester. The trimester that every mum tells you that everything goes down hill (people love to tell you horror stories, I've just taken to blocking them out) I'll let you know how horrendous it is but as long as our baby girl is happy and healthy in there then I'll carry on in my happy manor.

We heard her heartbeat at the 25 week midwife appointment which was incredible. The Mr asked if he could record it, quick thinking hey, so we've got that recording to keep. I also weighed myself, as they don't do that at your appointments. So far I've put on a stone which I didn't think was bad going. The average weigh gain during pregnancy is 2 and half stone so I'm pretty much spot on. I think working a lot of hours on my feet, although it kills me by the end of the day, has helped.

As for the big purchases, the pushchair and carseat, they are still to get. My holiday and maternity are less than 3 weeks away now so we've decided that we will have plenty of time over the summer to get them. We think we already know which ones we are getting but we want to see the buggy and give a bit of a test drive.

The nursery is coming along nicely. The room is almost cleared of things that don't need to be in there anymore. We have a cot which is holding all the clothes and bits and pieces we collected over the last few weeks. I did a big shop a couple of weeks ago and picked up bibs, muslin squares and things for my hospital bag, Good old Primark. I've also got a few blankets coming from Pumpkin Patch. We are getting really organised and I just need to write out another list of things still to get. Then I just need to wash and iron all the clothes and put them away. We've got a few shelves that need putting up and few other finishing touches but we are saving all these jobs for our 6 weeks off together. After all we are going to need something to keep us busy as we may kill each other. We've never spent that long together. Not all day everyday but I'm sure it will great fun!

I can't believe that by the next update I'll be over 30 weeks pregnant and on the home stretch. It's all going way too fast.

[Bonus points to anyone that spotted the cat in the first picture]
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  1. How exciting! Although I do have to admit that I can't see the cat? Where is it? I've actually spent ages looking for it and even though I know its there I cant see it!
    Love Hayley,
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