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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

home, garden, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, wishlist, outdoor, living

home, garden, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, wishlist, outdoor, living

Now the work on our garden is well and truly under way my mind is drawn to the pretty things. I'm good at planning things and I'm good at the finishing touches but the hard work in between I'm useless at. I'm rather excited for the summer days where we can sit out in the garden or invite our friends and family over for a BBQ. 

So I've put together a wishlist of all the pretty garden bits I could find. Some in my price range (the £1 "Welcome to my garden sign") to the beautiful plant stand (add £74 to the last price). All these bits would look beautiful in our garden once it's finished.

It's taken 3 Saturdays so far and we are nearly there. The biggest trees have gone. The bamboo is almost gone. We just need to prepare the ground, remove all the weeds and put the grass seed down. I'm sure that by the end of next month we will almost be there. 

Once we've finished I can buy lots of string lights and lanterns and decorate the garden until my hearts content. Until then I'll keep dreaming with my wishlist. 

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  1. I love that deck chair! I totally lack at sitting in my garden, just have a couple of those awful plastic chairs, certainly need something to jazz it up a little. I really want a bench though, hard on the back mind but it's weird not having one in the garden!


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