[Baby] My 2 Month Postpartum Update

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

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It's turn for my two month update. I didn't do a one month update because I kind of forgot about myself. It's funny how as a mama you put yourself last and I've only been doing this mama thing for just over 9 weeks. I thought it would be good to share how my body coped with labour and how it's healed because I know that there's a lot of is that normal questions asked. 

I had quite a normal labour (you can read all about it here) other than my episiotomy. Which is a standard procedure just not one I had counted on having. It's not a talked about thing, maybe that's not to scare mama's-to-be or maybe people are embarrassed but the aftercare from a professional point of view is a bit naff. Well mine was. I only had one midwife/nurse look at my stitches the day after Edith's birth, before we left hospital. She advised me to shower daily to keep the area clean and that was all. Nothing else. No advice on what kind of pain I would be in and what was normal. I'm not going to lie the 4 days afterwards it felt like my bit were going to fall out. Bending over to change nappies was painful and I felt like I couldn't stand upright. I gave in a couple of times and took paracetamol (for all the good that does) but other than I just got on with it. After a week I felt so much better and now it's fully healed I wouldn't know much difference. 

2, month, postpartum, update, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, mummy, pbloggers, lbloggers

I put on around 2 and a half stone during pregnancy which is just over the normal weight gain amount (but I did have a 8lb 7oz baby). After the first week I had lost a stone, Followed the next two weeks with half a stone. I just have the last half a stone to shift, although I think that is my boobs (going from a B cup to DD!) I've done nothing to lose the weight, other than my normal healthy-ish diet. Breastfeeding has helped a lot and keeping active. It's kind of just dropped off by itself, luckily, I'm far too lazy to work out. The last half a stone will need a bit of work, toning up my stomach but maybe I'll take up yoga or something. (Yeah right, like I have time for that!)

I was extremely lucky that I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly. I swear by Palmers cocoa butter and No7 dry oil spray. However since breastfeeding they've popped up on my boobs. It doesn't really bother me. Breastfeeding has been amazing. There's been a few moments where my nipples have been sore, but nipple cream is amazing and soothes them (it's also great for dry lips!). I also had a plugged duct a week or so ago but I expressed and fed Edith from the boob more until it had cleared.

2, month, postpartum, update, blog, blogger, uk, lifestyle, mummy, pbloggers, lbloggers

I have loved every minute of motherhood but I do have meltdowns. Days when I'm tired, my head hurts, the house is a mess and I feel like I'm doing everything (I'm really not!). It's only natural. I'm so lucky to have an amazing fiance who can take my mood swings and meltdowns. A few times he's sent me to bed, ordered takeaway and let me have a long soak in the bath. I really couldn't do it without him. My body is almost alright with dealing with being tired. I have always loved sleep so not getting much wasn't great. I didn't sleep properly for 3 days before and after Edith was born so catching up was tricky. We're pretty lucky with Edith only waking up once or twice in the night and I get up a 7 while the Mr takes her downstairs around 5:30 so I can get a bit more sleep. I can't wait for a full nights sleep and I have to say (touch wood) I've only had those 3 nights of "sleepless nights". I guess we have been pretty lucky.

I have to say I'm so much happier since becoming a mother and I love every second of being with Edith and family life.

She really is the best thing.

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  1. So nice to see someone being honest about how their body feels after having the baby! I think women are expected to forget about their bodies in terms of themselves but it's so important to feel like you're still yourself, even if your boobs are much biggeer!


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