[Baby] Edith's 9 Month Update

Monday, June 27, 2016

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Our baby girl is 9 months old today. We've started thinking and planning parts of her birthday already. It seems like the past 9 months have flown past!

The past month Edith has been really lovely. Don't get me wrong there has still be tiring days but we've not had any major problems. She's achieved some more major milestones too!

Sleep is still an issue. She's up 3 times a night. 11pm, 1:30am and 4:00am. It's not as bad as it was last month so I'm hoping that will we cut it down to 2 times a night, then only once. Napping in the day is now down to two longer naps. Edith still fights sleep, she really doesn't take after me in the sleep department at all. Sleep training is out of the window really, it didn't seem to work for us. Now we just hold out before feeding her and most of the time she settles down by herself.

Not much has changed since last month really. She is still loving all the food we give her and sharing our meals. We did give her an Ella's Kitchen smoothie pouch as we were out and didn't know what she could eat. She loved it and fed herself. So although I don't do packet food she's really enjoying them recently and with Ella's Kitchen you know its just full of the good stuff.

We had Edith weighed on the 2nd June and she was 25lb, much to the health visitors dismay (you can read all about that here). She is still in 4+ nappies and we've just gone into 9-12 clothes and 12-18 month PJ's. PJ's seem to come up so short on her long legs but there is plenty of growing room in them.


Clapping on demand - Nanny taught her this one!

Waving on demand. 

Feeding herself small pieces of food. 

Reaching for us.

Saying Nan - Nanny taught her that one as well.

Moving in her walker, she can get everywhere.

Well and truly in the Mum stage (not exactly a milestone).

Drinking from a sippy bottle (not the baby sucking, but real sucking)

Just started to say mmmmmm (Mum)

Things Edith Loves

Eating leaflets.

Fake laughing, we all take it in turns and she loves it.

Opening kitchen cupboards.

Playing with the bins.


Clapping her feet together. 

Stealing toast from her Daddy.

Pinching and nipping my arms when feeding.

Things Edith Hates

The hoover. 

Happy 9 Months Edie!

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