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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Back when she did sleep.

I’ve possibly reached one of the hardest points in motherhood and it’s the classic. Sleep. It’s not so much my lack of sleep, that’s something I’ve now become accustomed to. It’s trying to get Edith off to sleep.

I wrote before about trying the pick-up put-down method, but that didn’t really work out. We didn’t stick to it as strictly as we should have but Edith was cutting her bottom two teeth and there was no way we could leave her crying out in pain.

We tried introducing a bedtime routine, which we do have. Although I stopped the book as she really didn’t want it. She wanted to be fed. And then to sleep.

Now it takes so long and it’s so frustrating trying to get her to go to sleep. As I’m typing this up right now she’s avoiding a nap. I couldn’t carry on with trying to get her to sleep as she was irritable and pinching my arms and I thought I can’t do this anymore. So I’ve put her in her cot, closed the blind and put on an 8 hour lullaby mix on YouTube hoping that she will 

Just. Give. In. 

She hasn’t yet. She’s turned herself around in her cot to reach her teddies and now crying out for me. So I guess no nap time for her and no work time for me.

So I’m putting it out there. I’m out of ideas. Maybe she just hates sleep or I’m expecting her to sleep more than she should.

Any advice, any wonder products or methods I need to try that worked for you?

* Edith went to sleep an hour after writing this for half an hour and then went down fine in the evening. Showing me up, or what!? *

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  1. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but vyolett doesn't sleep either. I think it's best to do what feels right for you. XXXX

  2. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but vyolett doesn't sleep either. I think it's best to do what feels right for you. XXXX

  3. I have a 3 1/2 year old that needs me to lie beside him before he sleeps. The only way I got him into a nap routine was to take him out for a walk in his buggy at the same time every day as he would always fall asleep
    In his buggy. After a week his body naturally would go to sleep at this time - might work for you? It might not. All I'll say is, if she's happy and healthy you are doing the right thing, we all need differing amounts of sleep and our babies are no different. Trust yourself x Lizzie (Simon's auntie)

  4. With Albie, we put him in bed sleepy and put his mobile on then leave the room.
    It started horrifically....with him crying lots and me sitting outside his door feeling awful! We went in every 5 minutes to lay him back down, give him a kiss and his dummy. Repeated this over and over, gradually leaving him longer and longer, even if crying. The first 2 nights were hard...very hard!! But after that he just clicked.... We now lay him in bed and he whines for a few minutes then is asleep. Generally 7pm ish till 6.30-7am. Sometimes he wakes in the night but again, dummy and lay down and he's gone to sleep again.
    I appreciate this method isn't for everyone and that people think it's horrible leaving baby to cry but I knew he wasn't hurt or in pain, it was merely for attention....and like I say it was only for the 2 nights and now he's so content with it all.
    We have a little regression every now and then but overall he's a brilliant sleeper. Naps twice in the day too x


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