[Food] Weekly Meal Plan #1

Monday, July 04, 2016

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Hello! Happy Monday. Okay I know it's Monday a notoriously hated day of the week but the sun is shining and right now my baby is fast asleep so it is a happy Monday! 

I've decided to start sharing our weekly meal plan with you guys each week and a lot of my friends and family ask what we're cooking in the week. I have shared meal plans before but I though that I would start doing it on a regular basis. 

Each Monday I'll share the weeks plan and then if I get time I'll photograph and share a recipe during the week. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it. I'll also be uploading a video to YouTube each week so it would be amazing if you could head over there and subscribe to my channel. I thought that I'd quickly update you on my upload/blog schedule, while I'm on the subject.

Mondays - Weekly Meal Plan
Wednesdays - Recipe/Family/Personal Post
Fridays - Birth Story Series
Once a week - YouTube video

Anyway back to meal planning. This week's shop came to £29. That did include; polish, baby food (puffs and fruit pouches) as well. That's pretty average for our weekly shop now. I allow a £30 for food, that includes all meals, fruit and veg and snacks.

This weeks meals are:

Garlic chicken, baby potatoes and broccoli.

Leftover chicken, salad, yogurt dressing wholemeal pittas with couscous

Sausage and feta bake.

Spinach and bacon mac and cheese.

Coconut fish thai red curry.

Edith will have a small, unseasoned portion of all of these meals too which is great news as it means I don't have to make a separate meal for her.
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