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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We’ve got a bit of exciting news! No it’s not baby number two (maybe next year!). We’re going to be moving to a bigger house. I can’t tell you how excited I am. You might remember from one of my previous posts that we were in need of somewhere new and bigger and somewhere we can make a proper home. With new furniture and nice furnishing and linens. I’ve already started a new Pinterest board. We’re not too sure on all of the details just yet, but over the next weeks we will be moving! Wahooo. So I’ve trying to find new soft furnishings for our bedroom and Edith’s room which I’m really excited about as I adore new bed linen and curtains they can revive the love for the bedroom. I think they make a huge difference to the overall décor of your room. 

It’s really sad that she going to need a proper bedroom to play in rather than just a nursery. She’s so grown up already. She's going to need a proper bed covers and kid curtains, so I've been on a mission the past few days finding cute things for her home. I have discovered  kids curtains from Yorkshire Linen and they are great.

The first thing I’ve found is this pretty rainbow duvet cover  (one) , it comes in toddler bed size as well as single and double too. Not only is the rainbow pattern really cute but the duvet cover is reversible which means, if you’re like me and get bored of things quite quickly, you can change things up whenever you like. There’s matching curtains to the unicorn side too (and a unicorn plush too), which is great if you like things to match.

I’m in love with these “make a wish” curtains (two). I had something very similar when I was little and they really remind me of them. I had an obsession with fairies and I would have loved these curtains. I wouldn’t pair the curtains with the duvet cover personally as I like a pop of colour. A small hint of pink is perfect and these would great in a neutral toned room to brighten it up.

I love the rabbit pattern on this duvet (three) when I was pregnant with Edith we called my bump Bunny. I can't really remember the reason behind it but it would be really cute to have a rabbit pattern on something as a nod to her nickname. 

Another cute pair of curtains, again blackout. These curtains have small stars all over them (four) and again would work nicely to brighten up a neutral toned room. Another great thing about these curtains is that they are blackout which is essential if you don't want a 4am wake-up call.

I love the pattern on this duvet cover. It's so bright and colourful, it would work perfectly in her room. The duvet has lots of different multi-coloured houses (five) on it. 
Our room has a totally different colour palette to Edith's. I prefer neutral colours, something relaxing and calming after a busy day. I would however add pops of colour with cushions. 

I adore the hotel stripe duvet cover (one). It's a real luxury and would last years, you can't go wrong with something so simple. It's a classic and if you decide to change your decor in a couple of years you know it's going to work. 

I love the texture of these curtains (two), during the winter months I think a thick curtain adds warmth to the room. The charcoal grey is such a gorgeous colour. 

I think this may be my favourite out of everything. This duvet cover has pompoms (three)! I love pompoms so much and they're so subtle but add a little element of fun. I need this in my life! (You'll have to click the link to see the pompom detail)

My husband picked out this duvet (four), I suppose I have to give him some choices haha. I do really like it though, so I can't moan about his taste. 

Another pair of neutral curtains (five). These are blackout which you know I love and a lot less expensive than the previous ones. 

Cushions are from Yorkshire Linen, Made and H&M

You can find a full range of kids curtains, duvet covers, double duvets and blackout curtains at Yorkshire Linen.

This post has been written in collaboration  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please read my full disclaimer here. 

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