Wedding Countdown: What You Can Be Doing With 12 Months To Go

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It’s so exciting when you finally get engaged. But some couples spend a few years engaged. You may have thought about the year you will get hitched, maybe even the season. But as it approaches twelve months to go what do you do now? This is why I thought I would put together a few hints and tips on what you can to do to get your plans in motion. I hope they start you on your wedding plan journey.

Decide on the date

One of the first things you need to do is consider what date you are having for your wedding. This may be something you decided well in advance. Whereas others just choose the time of year and leave the date as something you decide when planning begins. The date is important. It needs to be something you are both happy with, at a time of year you want to get wed. Bear in mind that high season weddings like Summer, tend to be a little more expensive. Some winter months are classed as out of season and therefore offer great deals. Don’t always think you have to stick with saturday. Some couples are now choosing to wed on sundays, fridays and even during the week to keep costs down.

Send out save the date cards

The next thing you need to consider doing is sending out save the date cards. This is especially important if you are getting married on a day that isn’t the weekend. It enables people to have plenty of notice incase they need to book the day off. Some people also book their holidays a year in advance, so it’s worth being organised here and getting those cards out once your date is finalised. They don't need to have the venue or other details on there, so rest assured no other decision will have needed to be made.

Finalise your budget

It’s never nice to have the conversation about budget, but essential nonetheless. You need to know what amount of money you can spend, and also whether family are helping out with any costs. It’s worth looking at websites online or checking out bridal magazines. They have guidelines to help you see how much certain things will cost. It could help you determine what you budget might look like, or certainly help you see where you need to be making the most savings.

Consider the type of wedding you want

It’s also important to consider the type of wedding you want. Do you want something that is predominantly outside, or are you wanting something that makes a statement and has the wow factor. Are you planning on having a small gathering or something on a larger scale. Answering these questions will help you throughout your wedding planning journey. Enabling you to make more informed decisions on venues and food options, for example.


Research venues and view them

Finally, make sure you do plenty of research on venues and book in some appointments. Popular locations get booked up very quickly, especially in the high season months. Make sure you make a note of what you want to ask before the appointment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed during the viewings.

I hope these tips help you on your way to begin your wedding planning journey.

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