Welcoming Little Ones Into The World

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Parents make so many preparations during pregnancy. Nursery furniture, a pram, a car seat, babygrows, stuffed toys. The list is endless. But once the little one is here it’s time for the parents to relax. Well, as much as they can while there’s a baby needing feeds throughout the night. Here are a few ideas of some nice surprises you can arrange to congratulate them and welcome their little one into the world.


This is the traditional way to say hello to a little bundle of joy. They are best delivered in person straight to the room where mom and baby are resting after labor. But understandably, you might not be able to be there in person. Perhaps you live overseas or have other urgent commitments. This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything, though. There are so many companies out there who will deliver a balloon in a box for you. It’ll be such a unique surprise, as the happy new parents open the box to be greeted with a big bundle of helium. So many designs are available. Whether you want to stay classic with baby pink or blue or remain more gender neutral.


Balloons are a great novelty, but they will eventually deflate. Cards, however, will last for a much longer time. New mom and dad can look back fondly at a well-considered card from you. If they’re especially careful, it might be stored in a memory box, and baby can look at it too once he or she is old enough to read. There are a lot of basic cards out there. So why not go the extra mile and opt for a more personalized one? Companies such as Sleepymoon Cards specialize in baby cards and will create the perfect card for your needs.



Again, a common choice of gift. But you can make it different. Find out the parents’ favorite flowers and order a beautiful arrangement for them. Neutral whites and creams are a great idea with the odd pink or blue flower placed for effect. A pink or blue ribbon will be a further beautiful addition.


Everybody loves a hamper and what’s cuter than a baby hamper? Line the basket with a soft baby pink, baby blue, or maybe cream blanket. This will look beautiful and can also be used for wrapping baby up nice and warm once the basket is emptied. You can put whatever you want in the basket. Little cotton booties, adorable baby grows, and soft toys will be greatly appreciated by the baby. Other essentials will help the parents out endlessly. Cotton pads, baby-friendly creams, talcum powder, and sudocrem are little essentials that parents might not have considered stocking up on.

Personalised Decorations

A new nursery will need a little sprucing up. Once the parents have decided on a name for their new arrival, you can get all sorts of personalized decorations for the nursery. Blankets and towels with names embroidered, bespoke illustrations of the baby, canvases with baby’s first picture. There will be something to suit every new family.

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