Now You Are One

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Now you are one.

I started to write this on the eve of your birthday. I'm struggling to believe that you are going to be 1 in the morning. In all honesty I'm still struggling to believe you are ours!

We waited so long for our baby and you've come along and made our lives complete. You were what was missing in our lives. That little ray of sunshine.

I've worried at every step of the way. Most of the time too much but it's only because I care so much and I want to protect you. It's not stopped me from enjoying every second with you.

Waking up I know I'm going to see your smiling face. That cheeky look you give me. At the minute you wait at the bottom of the stairs for me. You don't call my name but says who's that, point and wait until I come down stairs. You love the time you and Daddy have in the mornings. You've always had that time together. I don't know what you get up to most of the time. I bet it's mischief. I know what you two are like. It was supposed to be me and you against Daddy but you two are just too cheeky together, like when you knock down my tower and laugh!

You're still small enough to fit into my lap and I can still feed you when your all curled up. I've enjoyed feeding you and you enjoy it so much. I don't think you're ready to stop just yet. You need that comfort and I'm happy to be that comfort. Even if it does mean waking up lots of times in the night. You need to know that I'm here and I am. Every time you need me.

You're starting to become so independent. I sometimes look at you and wonder how you can do these things. When you pick up a book and start looking through the pages. You look so grown up.

We spent your birthday doing things you love. We had pancakes for breakfast. Not Daddy's ones you prefer shop bought. We won't tell him though! We spent the day with family. First at soft play and then family came over for dinner. You love to play with your cousins even if you don't like sharing your toys. Especially not the Twirlywoos. They are yours and nobody else.

Oh Edith. You amaze me everyday. You keep me on my toes. You keep me happy. You are always by my side. My little friend. My daughter. My baby.
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