Your Little Ones Are Your Legacy, So How Do You Prepare Them For The Future?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Raising children is such a here-and-now experience. They can barely leave you any time to think about yourself, sometimes, never mind the future. But the future is something that you need to think seriously about. There will come a time when we might not be here to keep a watchful eye over our children. Even when we are, they’ll be living independent lives that don’t need us so much. So you need to do the work now to make sure they have the future they deserve to have.

Thinking beyond yourself
As we’ve said, they’re going to be in a world without us at some point. It’s sad to think about, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it. If you ignore the reality, then you’re ignoring significant actions you need to take for when the time comes. For example, many will put off the essential task of visiting solicitors to get help with their will and estate. You should also be thinking about how to help them while you’re still around but not ever present to help them. For instance, setting up a trust to help them financially if they go to university. Financially, you need to start preparing as soon as you can to offer them a better chance when the time comes.
Their health
Just as with finances, there’s a lot you can do now that will influence their health. All habits have a beginning and, usually, those beginnings start with parents. We’re facing a few real epidemics in terms of obesity and idleness in our population. With more parents passing on those bad habits, it’s an epidemic that’s going to keep growing. You can do your part for the future, as well as your child’s life, by taking action now. Don’t let them get sweets and treats every day. Allowances for luxuries are fine, but make sure your home is one that relies on healthy recipes and meals with whole ingredients. Go out with your child and get active with them from a young age. Teach them these habits so they don’t become a trial in later life.
Their values
Values are a tricky subject with parents. People have different values, after all. But we’re not talking about political values, but rather personal ones. Morals and ethics about how they treat the world and themselves. You can teach your children these from a young age. Not by drilling them into their head but by leading by example. For instance, there are a lot of charities that will accept help from parents as well as children. Teach them the consequences of these values, about how they help the world so that your children don’t think of them just as limits on behaviour.
It’s easy to feel a little melancholy when you’re really thinking about the future of your children. However, these are subjects we need to explore. Start doing the work now so that you don’t have to worry as much about what’s on the horizon.

Written in collaboration.
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