Think Fruit And Vegetables Are Yucky? Try These Ideas To Get More Into Your Diet

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We all want to eat healthier and be happier. But as busy mums, it’s not always easy to get the fruit and vegetables that you need. Often it’s a money thing, but most of the time it’s that we just don’t like the taste.

There’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it is possible to retrain your taste buds to love fruits and veggies. The bad news is that the process takes around three weeks, which for many people is too long a time.

The best strategy to eating more fruit and vegetables is to find ways to incorporate more of it into your lifestyle right now. Here are some simple ways to include more of them in your diet.

Start By Blending Up Your Veggies

If you don’t like the taste of vegetables all that much, then there’s a lot you can do to disguise it. Smoothies are perhaps the best way to conceal the unpleasant taste of vegetables, at least at the beginning. You probably don’t know all that many people who would be prepared to eat raw kale. But you most likely do know people who put raw kale in their smoothies and don’t bat an eyelid.

The key to covering up the taste of vegetables is to choose the right ingredients to go with them. Banana works really well as an accompaniment, as do nut butters, like almond butter. Find a smoothie that you love and stick with it.

Buy In Season

One of the reasons people don’t like fruits and vegetables is because most of the produce they buy is out of season. It has to be shipped from all over the world in big containers. And on the way it loses its vitality and flavour. No wonder people aren’t keen on it.

To make produce taste better, try to buy it in season. Specialists in strawberry plant growing, for instance, know the importance of seasonality. When strawberries are out of season, they taste bland and flavourless. Fruit and veggies that are in season always taste better.

Mash Veg Into Your Mash

If you’re a bit partial to mashed potato, you can use it as a vehicle to eat more veggies. Combining mashed potato with swede or carrots not only tastes good, but it also provides a nutritional boost as well. Yellow vegetables provide important phytonutrients, like beta-carotenes, which are good for the skin. You can also hide mild tasting vegetables, like spinach, in pasta sauce.

Buy Your Fruit Frozen

Frozen fruit is often much cheaper than fresh fruit. (Berries, for instance, are often 50 percent cheaper when bought frozen). Plus, frozen fruit is actually better for you. It is frozen immediately after picking, meaning that it doesn’t get a chance to degrade, unlike fresh fruit.

On top of all of that, it’s also much easier to buy in bulk and use as and when you need it. Nothing is more annoying for mums than having to constantly battle use-by dates on items in the refrigerator.

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