Weekly Meal Plan #19

Monday, November 14, 2016

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It's Monday, also known as get my stuff ( I debate going for the other s word but I decided to be good!) together day. Oh I don't know what it is about weekends that makes the house impload. It'snot like we have loads of children to make a mess. I think it's because I'm normally working on shoots or I'm spending the time relaxing rather than worrying about the house. Which is great at the weekend, not so great when I've got to get myslef ready, Edith bathed and ready and the house tidy before I leave for baby group at 9:15. Wow. Coffee will power me through I'm sure.

This week I've been looking for a few different recipes. I do tend to mix things up a bit each week but sometimes I get bored of eating similar things. So this week there's no chicken. Whaaat? I can hear you saying. I always buy a chicken but not this time. I've gone for a bit of variation.

As always my recipe inspiration is on my Pinterest Board and I've already scheduled the weekly newsletter to go out at 10am. Aren't I organised? It's to make up for lack of newsletter last week (which was definitely Edith's fault for skipping afternoon naps haha!). You know the rules you can sign up for more info on how I do our shop so cheaply. 

This week's shop was from Morrisons and came in at £29.49.

Anyway enough of my chatting. You'll want to know what we're eating.

Ham, Bombay potatoes & salad.

Swedish meatballs

Carmelised onion, ham and spinach pizza.

Saag halloumi (The shop had no Paneer!)

Potato lasagne.

What are you eating this week? I always need inspiration. 
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  1. I love your weekly plans!
    This week on the menu is porkmeatballs with pasta, Joe wicks chicken pie, slow cooker ribs, chickpea curry ... To name a few! :) hope you're feeling better X


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