Themed Wedding Ideas To Stun Your Guests

Monday, December 19, 2016

A wedding is that one event many women embrace with planning. They can get excited about the whole process from the initial engagement right down to the final moments before the “I dos”. Of course, it should be plain and simple really. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, they get married. But that is getting married, a wedding is a totally different affair in today’s society and one that can take on several different meanings for many women all over the world.

It could be something simple to the most lavish of celebrations. But many of us fit somewhere in between. As a wedding photographer, I have captured my fair share of weddings, and I guarantee that no wedding is ever the same. One trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is the thought behind having a themed wedding. Which is why I thought I would explore some of the most popular themes and a few things to consider with each one. I hope it provides you with inspiration if you are currently on the rollercoaster ride that is wedding planning.


Using the seasons as inspiration

The seasons can be a great point to start when it comes to a wedding theme. Whether you are getting married in Summer or Winter or anywhere in between they can be as varied or specific as you make them. Winter provides a fantastic backdrop to envision your wedding becoming that glistening wonderland. Think snow and whites as your main inspiration with icicles and ice sculptures for the more lavish of celebration. A White palette for colour doesn’t have to be so specific, you can utilise grey and even silver to add a more finished effect to the wedding decor. The table decorations can be the main eye-catching feature of your wedding decor, purchasing crisp white table linen and decorating with all things winter from pine cones through to green foliage or holly leaves even. Thankfully the cost can be kept relatively low if you purchase wholesale table linen and make some of the decorations yourself.


Summer is also a beautiful season to take inspiration from. Thinking of a brighter colour or florals could kick start your summer wedding on the decor front. Summer could mean flowing bridesmaid dresses, beautiful pictures captured in fields or even an outdoor ceremony if the weather holds. Summer can make any venue seem pretty and picturesque, the sun has a habit of making a place shine. Of course, there is the spring, which offers some wonderful opportunity to add pastel shades to your wedding. Then let’s not forget the warming inspiration that Autumn provides. From crumpled orange and brown leaves to roaring fires burning during the drinks reception. The seasons are definitely a great way to theme your wedding. Heading online to websites like Pinterest can offer a lot of tutorials for DIY decorations and seasonal themed ideas for the whole day.


Taking into account a particular date

Some people choose to book their wedding on a certain date that has meaning to them. Perhaps an anniversary or even birthday. But some people choose to have a wedding on a specific date everyone is aware of. Think of valentine's day, Christmas and even new years to name a few.

Valentine’s day being traditionally a day of romance marks the perfect theme for a wedding. From romantic settings of candles to bright red colour taking precedence as the theme. Even using hearts in some of the decoration like your table runners or even as favours for your guests. It’s the perfect way to get everyone in the mood for love. Of course, Christmas opens up many possibilities and some people who use this time of year for their wedding are quite frugal. Why? You may ask. But it’s simple really. Many venues will have already decorated their sites in a festive theme for the time of year anyway. It means that some couples can save quite a bit when it comes to venue dressing because it is already done, of course, that is if you are happy with the festive theme. Which I am guessing many would be for getting married at this time of year. The food can be a pretty easy decision by opting for a traditional Christmas dinner, and it can really set the festivities off for everyone.


The new year is a great day to plan a wedding, with a bank holiday the day after and many people choosing to party that night anyway, it’s a great way to celebrate the new year by entering it as a married couple. For a theme, you could be thinking sparkle. Perhaps having a huge fireworks display to toast the turn of midnight or have sparklers on hand. You could have a glitz and glam feel to your table and venue decoration and, of course, let the bubbles flow all night.


Using your favourite film as a springboard for your wedding

Recently we have seen more weddings feature movies as a springboard of inspiration. There have been some amazing weddings published in magazines featuring films like Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Grease, James Bond and even Alice in Wonderland. Of course, you can take the theme as far as you want to go. Harry Potter weddings have seen the newlywed couples have a magic wand dual, grease inspired wedding have seen the couple take on a choreographed dance during the reception. The options are endless, and anyone can find a theme through that special film that means a lot to them.

Considering colour as your main focus

Some people just choose to stick to a colour theme, and you find that this tends to be one of the most popular choices for couples not wanting to be too lavish on the big day. Picking a colour palette and sticking with a few choice colours really helps to keep the flow of a wedding. It also makes things like table and venue dressing much easier as you can stick with the same colours.


Some other popular themes

Finally, some other popular themes that I thought were worthy of a mention are a floral theme specifically, perhaps choosing one type of flower and showcasing it. Or you could consider sport, food or even an emotion like happiness or contentment. However you plan your wedding, I am sure it will be an amazing day that you will love.

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