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Sunday, January 08, 2017

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Remember the days of beer kegs, ping pong competitions and dancing on the tables till three am? Even though we’ve all grown up a bit since then, there’s no reason why you and your friends can’t enjoy a beautiful, sophisticated bash to mark a special occasion such as a  mini high school reunion, surprise baby shower or a girls weekend to celebrate an engagement.

Curate Your Guest List

When deciding who to invite to your event don’t immediately fall back into old patterns and included them because you were best friends in high school, they invited you to their birthday or your partner’s hoping for a promotion. Invite those that you actually want to turn up but keep numbers manageable otherwise you may find that people break off into little cliques and don’t mingle. People initially tend to talk to those they have something in common with, so remember your hostess duties and do the all-important introductions as soon as guests arrive. Serving welcome drinks will help to break the ice and the conversation should easily flow from there.

Book A Beautiful Venue

It is entirely possible, and feasible, to open up your own home to hosting whatever event you’ve chosen to organise. However, do you want to be faced with the clean up? Even the mildest gatherings will create plenty of dishes that’ll need to be washed. Where will your own family be during the party? Are you ok with the fact that accidents do happen and items may get broken, lost or even stolen, as it can happen during the evening. If you’re holding a weekend do it may be worth considering Mansions to rent for parties as this way it’s all taken care of, and you don’t have to worry about finding blow up beds, turfing your kids out of their rooms or finding a list of local hotels.

Create A Unique Exciting Menu

While hot dogs, chips and nachos were perfectly acceptable party snacks in college you’ll want your guests to actually enjoy the food their eating. Why not plan a delicious sit-down meal, complete with menu cards, full of exciting flavoursome dishes? Remember to check any allergies beforehand, but chicken, beef or pork are usually good bets with a vegetable tart, veggie moussaka or stuffed peppers with rice being excellent options for vegetarians. If you are staying at a venue, do have a word with the staff regarding the menu as you may need to pay a small supplement for ingredients, different meats, etc. although most places have an A La Carte menu to choose from.

Arrange Transport Home

One of the worst parts of leaving a party is having to figure out how you’re going to get back home so take the headache out of the situation in advance. Book Uber drivers, or people carriers if many guests live in the same area. You could even hire a mini bus that’ll drop everyone off outside their front door. For any out of town guests flying in it’s also worthwhile to note down their flight arrival and departure times so if there’s a transport issue, they’ll be a priority passenger.

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