Winter Bugs: Keeping You And Your Little One Fit And Healthy

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anyone with kids will tell you that it’s a constant battle to avoid the bugs and illnesses that spread like wildfire around the nursery or school. And yet there’s always that one kid who never seems to be ill. This may be due, in part, to genetics. But it’s also likely that he follows some simple, healthy habits.

Why Do Kids Pick Up Bugs?

There are several reasons why kids pick up so many illnesses. The main reason is that their immune systems are not yet fully developed. So when they come into contact with germs, they can’t always fight them off in the same way an adult could. When kids go to nursery or school, they come into contact with lots of other children and therefore their exposure to illnesses increases. And finally, kids may not always practise high levels of hygiene. They may not wash their hands regularly and have a habit of touching their faces and mouths.

1. Hand Washing

The first step in fighting bugs is to drum into your children the importance of washing their hands regularly. Make sure this is practised at home. For example, every member of the family should wash their hands before sitting down at the dinner table. In addition, show your children how to wash their hands effectively. It’s the action of rubbing the hands together which is the most effective when tackling germs. One method used by parents is getting kids to sing a nursery rhyme or song when washing their hands, so they spend enough time on soaping, and rinsing.

2. Diet

A healthy body is more efficient in fighting disease. Therefore, it follows that a body deficient in the right vitamins and minerals will be less efficient in this area. It can be difficult to get your kids to eat the right food and consume enough fruit and vegetables each day. However, there are recipes you can find to make this fun and tasty.

Foods known to boost the immune system are garlic, bone broth, spinach and other leafy veg, broccoli, almonds, salmon, etc.

Water is another biggie. It helps flush out toxins and remove waste, and keeps our organ in tip-top condition. It also helps with the lymphatic system which is the part of the body which deals with bacteria. Water filter jugs are ideal as they purify your drinking water, ensuring you have clean, fresh water to drink at all times. Try adding a little sugar-free juice to tempt your children into drinking more.

3. Keep Up-To-Date With Vaccinations

Vaccinations are quick and effective and will protect your child against a range of illnesses. Make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date. Check with your GP if you’re unsure.

4. Rest And Play

The last strategy for fighting illnesses is getting a good balance between rest and play. Children should be encouraged to be active each day. Encourage this through fun family activities and get your kids interested in sports. And finally, make sure they get enough sleep each night. This will assist the body in replenishing itself and developing the resources necessary to fight illness.

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