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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Although it's not Edith's first Easter last year she was too little to care about chocolate, which meant that I got to eat it! This year she is very much in to her "choc choc". So we decided that it would be really nice to have a little Easter Egg hunt.

I can remember when I was little and I would always want to have an Easter Egg hunt, my Mum, who was rather sensible, always suggested we hold it inside so we didn't have to worry about the weather so that's what we did. I bagged up little eggs for everyone in plastic sandwich bags and then hid them around the house. The problem was I couldn't remember where I had hidden them all so my Dad couldn't find the last bag. Ooops. He shared with my Mum in the end but I don't think they were too happy. A few weeks later we found the bag of eggs hidden in my dolls pram. How we didn't find them I don't know but it's such a great memory to look back on.

Curated online marketplace notonthehighstreet.com are "Doing It Differently" this Easter and I think they're right. So instead of a normal Easter egg from the shop why not treat the family to an Easter Egg Hunt like never before. We had a great time and we learnt a few things along the way! 

1. If you have a toddler, hold an Easter Egg Hunt at home.

I don't think Edith really understood what she was doing and it took a little while but she did have great fun. Maybe when she's older we will take her somewhere but I think holding it at home meant that we could take our time.

2. Get a personalised sign.

How else will you know where the Easter Egg hunt starts? We adore Edith's Personalised Egg Hunt Sign and it's going to hang up in her bedroom ready after Easter, ready for next year.

3. Let the Easter Bunny make an appearance.

Edith will probably hate us when she's older but oh my. Look how cute she is dressed as an Easter Bunny. I love the fact she has her bright trainers on too! She's going to be wearing this outfit for the next 2 weeks!

4. Don't let the weather spoil your hunt.

The weather was dry when we held ours but not sunny. It didn't matter and if it does rain you could always hold it inside like I did when I was little. Or why not get your wellies ready just in case it chucks it down?

5. Make the hunt extra special and have lots of fun!

Get yourself a bunny bag and a luxury chocolate egg hunt kit. Hang the "Egg Hunt" plaque above the start of your treasure trail, write the names of all the participants on the edible name cards with the icing pen, and hide them, along with the large flat chocolate eggs and golden mini eggs, in the best places you can find. There's even a chocolate medal for the winner. Everything comes packaged in a luxurious hamper box. This would make a delightful Easter gift for you and old alike. Just have a really great time together as a family and afterwards? Well. Eat all that chocolate you've found!

Happy Egg Hunting!

* This post is in collaboration with Not On The Highstreet. All opinions are my own. *
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