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Thursday, May 25, 2017

As you know I can't resist updating Edith's room and it was time to have a little spruce up again. As she gets older I'm adapting her room to her. Edith's room to begin with was just a place to store her clothes and toys but now it's somewhere to sleep and then play in the day. So I decided to make it a little prettier with the addition of a few sparkly lights. The rattan balls and the star came from Poundstretcher and the cost £5 each! Can you believe it? I also picked up this beautiful basket from there too. It's the perfect size to store Edith's teddy's in.

On her shelf I have a few books, Beatrix Potter and Miffy and a couple of other special ones. The little wicker bowl contains her hair bows (that she will not wear!). I've kept the light box up there and her little ladies. She adores playing with them but they go up high when she's not 100% supervised as the smallest one is just too small. 

On Edith's shelving unit is 3 painted crates filled with toys. The next shelf up is Edith's favourite book at the moment (she loves the "muckey" (monkey)), two little farm animals and then a cute birdhouse that came from Poundland but it's too pretty to go outside! And Edith thinks that "birdies"are in there. It's so cute. On the top shelf is a few more books, the raindrop cushions I made her and the little gold shoes she wore for our wedding.

Then top finish everything off she has a gorgeous pink chevron rug from Ollie & Leila. It's 100% wool and it makes the perfect spot to play. 

I couldn't resist sharing a few new homeware purchases for us too. We needed something to break up the magnolia (eww rental walls!) and this huge clock works perfect, it came from Pound Stretcher. It's really light but looks so great. I'm a little in love with this set up. The vase came from Poundland too which I totally love and it looks way more expensive. 

I also picked up the large wooden chopping board to add to my collection and then these pretty jars. I do't have a clue what's going to go in them but I loved them too much! They were also from Poundstretcher.

Buying homeware and things for Edith's room has turned into a bit of an addiction, forget buying clothes for myself haha.

Have you purchased any homeware recently? 
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