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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This week's independent tuesdays! post is a quirky up and coming jewellery company. E-bowtique!


(photo credits: Models: Goldy Loxx, Betty Havok)
(Photographers: James Garfield Photography, Tori Andrews Photography and Zoe Noir Photography)

I asked E-bowtique five questions!

Describe E-Bowtique in 3 words.Kitsch, Handmade and Unique.

How did you become interested in making jewellery?I have always made jewellery in one form or another from being a small child. I originally started making friendship bracelets with cotton, learning different patterns from a book and bead bracelets for friends and then began selling them. It’s always been something I have done which progressed to what bowtique is now. I studied art textiles and now think jewellery is just another way of me being creative in way which fits in with doing a degree which isn’t arty or creative.

Why did you decide to set E-Bowtique and how did you do it?I didn’t make a conscious decision to set bowtique up, it all just seemed to happen. I was in college and became really ill for a long time which effected my energy levels, when I started to get better the one thing I could do was sit and make hair accessories and jewellery. Also the only real place i went to when I started to get better were markets and I just started buying supplies. My friends then started buying them and then their friends, not long after I moved away to go to university and decided to set up a facebook account so people could see what new things were available and it just spiraled into what it is now via social networking. I did get my jewellery in to a shop not too long ago but unfortunately that’s now closed down but I am currently working on a website because it seemed the next  step to take.

What words of advice would you give to anyone wanting to set up their own jewellery brand? Enjoy it. If it’s handmade you need to enjoy making it otherwise there is no point in doing it, it becomes boring, you won’t want to do it and your customers will notice. Research is important, you need to see what is available to buy on the high street not just the internet as costume jewellery is so widely available and at such cheap prices now. Use your own preferences interests and ideas to create things you like too, not just what you think others will like.

Where do you see E-Bowtique going in the next 5 years/ what plans do you have for the future?I plan to just keep making unique fun jewellery at affordable prices. As I am at University Bowtique is something which has to fit in alongside it, however I plan to have the website up and running in the near future which will free up more time for me to make new things and experiment with new techniques and expand my product range. I want to get my jewellery into boutiques and take part in fairs and events more than anything to get the name out there and so more people are able to actually try on the jewellery and see it in person.

I came across E-bowtique on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the brand. I am a massive fan of jewellery anyway and I love quirky and unique jewellery. It's perfect for anyone who wants to stay clear of the commercial jewellery. Head over to E-Bowtique if you want something totally cute, but totally different.

And if you head over to E-Bowtique's facebook page which you can find here. As soon as they get to 500 likes a little bird told me that there will be a giveaway! So what's not to like!

Head over there now!

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