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Friday, February 03, 2012

My Week:

Saturday: A spot of chairty shopping, tried on playsuit, I really loved it but couldn't undo it by myself, kinda figured it's a bit pointless! :(
Sunday: Baked some cupcakes had an Indian takeaway, rather a lazy day really.
Monday: Finalising my project at uni, loads of book work!
Tuesday: Printed and mounted my work for my hand in.
Wednesday: Was going to go to the cinema but it was soooooo cold, I decided against it.
Thursday: Finished off my book work, asked about blogging at Norwich fashion week, got a yes! :)
Friday: Handed in my work! Treated me and Mr Swan to Mc Donalds! Yum

What a boring week, that's what happens when you have deadlines! Next week will be very excitiing, my birthday week and a week off uni! Yay

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