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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

dress - h&m, tights - primark, belt - peacocks, shoes - charity shop

Total Outfit Price £8

I can't believe my outfit costs just £8, I added this up three or four times before I believed it! The dress was a complete bargain at £3! The belt came free with a skirt, the tights are £3 and the shoes were £2. Just goes to show fashion doesn't have to cost a bomb!!

Been very busy with uni work already for the deadline on Friday. Then me and the uni girls are going for an early birthday meal!

I was supposed to be going to the cinema tonight but it is sooooo cold out there I thought not!

Oooh exciting news, I am going to be covering Norwich Fashion Week! Which is becoming quite big for independent designers. So expect to see coverage of that early March time.

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