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Monday, February 27, 2012

top - new look, skirt, shoes - peacocks, belt - primark, tights - charity shop

Total Outfit Price: £27.20

I styled this little outfit up for my date tonight with Mr Swan. We've been together 3 years so we have decided to celebrate by either going out for Chinese or staying in with Chinese, we've not decided yet.

I'm still recovering for LFWEnd, it tired me and Mama Swan out so much we just lounged around all yesterday. I ventured into the sun to take some photographs for lookbook and my 365 project.

I love my nails at the minute but they are going to have to come off soon. I coated the nail in three coats of white nail varnish then glitter varnish and then around 10 topcoats to keep it on and it still didn't work well. Can anyone recommend me a good but cheap topcoat for nails?

Back to uni tomorrow after a long weekend. Starting a new project, which is always fun and it's portrait which is even better. taking pictures of landscapes just doesn't do it for me!

Anyway must go and meet Mr Swan.


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