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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

necklace - Poundland £1

feather double ring - poundland £1

rocking horse necklace - primark £2

block heel shoe - shoe zone £5.59

I'm far too tired out from uni to post outfits pictures. So I decided to photograph my recent haul.

I knew poundland sold jewellery but I always presumed that it was tacky or for children. But when I was in there the other day, I spied this necklace out of the corner of my eye. It was too late to que up and buy it so I came back to it a couple of days later. Whilst looking at the jewellery I also found this beautiful feather ring. Feather print is supposed to be quite big for S/S12 I know that Forever 21 has a really nice feather print top. Anyway, they are my purchases from poundland which I am really happy with.

I wore the rocking horse necklace to London Fashion Weekend, I wouldn't normally spend £2 on a primark necklace but as it was a special occasion I decided to get it. I absolutely love it!

The shoes are a massive bargain. The were supposed to be £14.99, they were the reduced down to £6.99 and then Shoe Zone have an extra 20% off all sale products. Which took the shoes down to £5.59! What a bargain and they are comfy and just beautiful. I will be getting these out at Norwich Fashion Week.

That's all for now. Tomorrow will be a make up review and a new up do for you to try, if it goes well!

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  1. Love the Eiffel Tower necklace, I never knew Poundland did jewellery!

    1. Go take a look! I was really suprised at what they had! I'd love to see what other people can find!

  2. The Eiffel Tower necklace is super cute, I've been after one for ages but cannot seem to find one that I like :(.


    1. I love it. Go and look in a poundland and see! Or maybe I should go get another one and hold a giveaway! :) xx


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