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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now if you've been on my blog before you will know that I love my hair and taking care of it is one of the most important things to me. So I decided to share some hair care advice.

My hair has had highlights and kinda dip dye since September last year, and nothing prepared me for how dry the bleach would leave the ends of my hair. So it's vital that I condition my hair regularly.I use conditioner every time I wash my hair and try to use an intensive conditioner once a week to give it that extra nourishment. 

I also try not to use heat on my hair and when I do, I always without fail use heat protection spray. You really should use it, give your hair a  fighting chance.

I've come up with a five tips for good hair:

1. If you can bear it, finish your last wash of your hair with a blast of cold, it will add shine and make it nice and glossy.
2. When you comb your hair hold the root. Pulling the root can lead to damage and maybe even hair loss.
3. Keep your brushes and combs clean. Clean them once a week with shampoo.
 4. This little tip costs less than 10p!! - For a nice tousled texture, put some sea salt (2 tablespoons) into a spray bottle, top up with water and spray onto to hair, then dry (scrunching your hair while you dry it always helps too!). The sea salt sends your hair curly!
5. Treat your hair well, you wouldn't burn your skin with lots of heat!

I've created this post because I want to be an Aussie Angel. The chance to work with top haircare brand Aussie, would really be a dream come true for me. I love nothing more than haircare, trialing new products and giving my honest opinion. So Aussie, I've got my halo (plait) can I have my wings now please?

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