Botanicals Rose & Camellia Skincare Range Review!

Friday, July 13, 2012

RRP: £12.95*

RRP: £16.95*

RRP: £14.95*

RRP: £11.95*

RRP: £16.95*

I was sent some samples from the lovely people at Botanicals. As you know by know skincare is my favourite thing to try at the minute. So I snapped up the chance to try the Rose & Camellia range.

Bontanicals is a natural skincare company and all products are organic and pure. Something I am thinking about more, putting lots of chemicals on my face. The first thing about these products is how beautiful they smell. So floral and natural.

Facial Balm: The facial balm is a very rich moisturiser and perfect to use as a night cream. My oily/combo skin has been all over the place at the minute and I'm suffering from dry patchy skin. The facial balm is cleared up my dry skin perfectly. Even my Eight Hour Cream couldn't get rid of it!

Cleansing Melt: The cleansing melt is a lovely cleanser. Simple and easy to use. I used the hot cloth method (one of my favourites) and it left my skin silky smooth and perfectly clean.

Skin Tonic: This was the best product for me! The smell, oh my! So good. The skin tonic can be used as a toner or as a cleanser on a lazy day. It really wakes you up in the mornings. It is great at taking dirt off and leaves your skin feeling delicious. I will be purchasing this!

Clay Mask: I used this on Wednesday night. I'm also cautious at using face masks as most leave me red faced and burning! So not a good look. But this was amazing, no allergic reaction! Bonus. My skin felt to smooth and plumped it was amazing. I am going to purchase this too!

Skin Polish: This is a face exfoliater. Great for shifting the dead skin and dirt. I loved it. Again my skin felt so nice after using it and my face was silky smooth.

Overall I am extremely impressed with Botanicals and I will be recommending it to everyone! The prices are reasonable for natural skincare and the results are so worthwhile. It is worth every penny. I suggest you head over to Botanicals website now!

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  1. New follower, found your blog through the London trip updates on Twitter with Lily etc and I love it :-) The polish and mask both sound amazing, adorable packaging too!


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