Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara Review!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RRP £10*

This month's Marie Claire came with a free Avon mascara. There were three to choose from unfortunately the one I wanted I couldn't find so I settled for this the Super Extend Extreme Mascara. The product claims to lengthen the look of the lashes. I thought great! I have short eye lashes and a bit of length is what I need.

So I tried it out and I'm not really that impressed. I have used Avon mascara's in the past and I have always loved them, but this one isn't that great (for me!). It coats the lashes nicely but there is no added length and no volume my eyelashes look thin and spindly.

However the mascara worked well over my Yves Rocher mascara and de-clumped my lashes. Avon currently has the mascara on offer for £3.99 and if you have long lashes anyway or for false lashes I would recommend this mascara but if you have short stubby lashes like mine I'd go for something that adds a lot more volume and length. Would I purchase? No not this time, this mascara is not really for me, maybe when it drys out a bit it make my lashes look nicer, until then I'll stick with my Yves Rocher.

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  1. I also took advantage of the freebie mascara deal and I love it! I got the curling one, and on first impression I think it's fab! You find many lengthening/volumising mascaras that are okay, and I find good deals are always better when shared. :)


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