Maybelline BB Cream Review!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

RRP £7.99*

Another day another BB review. You know me I love BB the idea of BB creams but no all agree with my oily/combo skin. However a lot of the BB creams now are oil free! Yay my oily skin cheers. I am no longer a shiny mess.

I sent for some samples of Maybelline BB cream and yesterday it turned up. I like BB crams on my day off, I don't like heavy make up and this seemed like the perfect time to try it.

I really love it. Good coverage and no oily mess. I think this is best one I have tried. It suited my skin tone nicely and my skin didn't feel too caked either.

Out all of the ones I've tried this has a thumbs up and I'm going to purchase some.

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  1. i've really wanted to try this for awhile, i am thinking of getting some samples if i can! xo

    1. I've added the link! Make sure you get some :)


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