Real Techinques - Core Collection Review!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

RRP £21

These brushes are the most hyped brushes in the blogging community and they are something I had also wanted to try out. After getting fed up with my crappy make up brushes that were brought for me many years ok when Little Paper Swans was just twinkle in my eye. When Mamma and I went shopping I decided that the time had come and I splurged the £21 on the most heavenly brushes.

To be fair most people will just buy the core collection for one brush. The Buffing Brush. Oh my, never has a brush been one of my favourite things, if my house was on my fire and I could only take a few things this would possibly be one of them. My skin looks flawless and my foundation is so well blended you can't tell

I’m wearing lots. This brush is worth £21 just by it's self in my eyes.
The other brushes are a contour brush, pointed foundation brush and a detailer brush. The contour brush works lovely with blush and blends nicely into my skin. The pointed foundation brush, I've yet to find a real use for, but I can always use it for concealer or something. The detailer brush is perfect for eyes or lips. I'm currently using it to fill in my brows.

The brushes clean up and dry lovely too. They are so soft, perfect for delicate skin. They also come in this cute little pouch perfect if your on the go!

So is The Real Techniques brushes worth the hype? Yes one hundred percent!

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  1. i was going to get these when out shopping for my birthday, completely forgot, definately going to invest though heard so much about them! xo

  2. Ah I want these so much, Real Techniques are more than worth the hype- they make me regret buying MAC brushes in the past!

    Poppy x

    1. I've never tried the MAC ones. I am in love with these :)


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