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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My shower shelf! I thought I'd share with you some of the products I am using at the minute. I love posts about make up storage, bathroom storage, to be honest any storage. I'm a bit organise crazy at the moment. Might have to pin some storage ideas on Pintrest!

My top shelf has all my shampoo and conditioners on it. I have matching shampoo and conditioners on that shelf and I tend to use the matching products together, my shampoos and conditioners are Avon and Dove at the moment. I also have my Percy and Reed deep treatment mask on that shelf too!

The next shelf down has all our Soap and Glory products on. My mum and I have had these since Christmas and they are still going strong. I love the scent and how moisturising these products feel. I love Soap and Glory a lot and I'm hoping Boots have a special offer on again soon!

The next shelf has our shower gels on. On Sunday, when I tidied the shelf, we had 12 shower gels on the go but we've used some of them up since then. We've made a vow to finish up these products before we open anymore!

The last shelf is a bit of a random one. There's a cheapy Asda shampoo, which is for my brother. There's then Asda shaving gel. We just use the smart price one as it's exactly the same as the more expensive ones and costs a fraction of the price. It's defiantly under a pound! There's also some cheapy face wash which I've had for a while. It's handy to keep in the shower if I want to wash my face, I also use the Soap and Glory one too! The last product is Aussie conditioner, I've just used the last of the shampoo so that will be in an empties post soon. I always go through shampoo faster than conditioner!

So that's my shower storage unit! I think I might do some more storage posts like this. I love being nosey and seeing how people store things so I'm sure you guys do to! Let me know if you have any storage posts I can snoop on!

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  1. I love the shelf, where did you get it from? It looks so handy x

  2. I'm so nosey, I love these types of posts! Definitely true about the cheap shaving gel, might as well cut money were you can to justify yet more Soap and Glory ;-) xxx


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