What's in my bag?!

Monday, August 20, 2012

After seeing that Glossybox has launched an instagram competition and to enter you have to post what's in your bag, I thought I'd give it a go.

My bag is from TK Maxx I think it cost me £15. Not very expensive at all and I really love it. I pretty much use this everyday. It had loads of pockets and it's great for storing the essentials in.

Onto the contents, other than the boring tissues, tampons, pen, notebook etc.. here's what's in my bag.

My purse - I brought this from TK Maxx too. It's Nica and it cost £10!

Perfume - I picked up this Charlie perfume from Boots on my way to work. It was on offer for £1 and it's great for keeping in my handbag.

Shine Absorbing Sheets - I love these Kleenex ones they work really well and are the perfect size for my bag. I can't live without these.

Lip Balm - I picked up this Body Shop one a while ago! It's perfect for when my lips feel sore and rough.

Antibacterial hand gel - Every bag should have one. Perfect for on the go. I like this Wilkinson's one as it doesn't smell too much like alcohol unlike all the others.

Hairbrush, hairbands and hair grips - essentials!

Powder and brush - I have a love for the Witch anti blemish powder and I need to repurchase! Mine is all crushed! Great for dealing with shiny face!

Lipstick - The current handbag favourite is the one I got in this month's Glossybox. It's a lovely pink colour!

And two things I really can't be without - a bottle of water and my phone!

So that's everything in my bag! Have you got a post of what's in yours? You guys know I'm super nosey so post in the comments if you have a post!

Oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway!

4 Replies


  1. That bag is just gorgeous :D xx

  2. really love your bag, it's very mulberry styled! xo


  3. I always keep a bottle of water on me :) Love your bag x

  4. I love that bag! I have one very similar from TK Maxx, I was gonna do a blog post ironically on mine tonight, but I've just changed into it and it's all neaty neaty and not interesting. So I'm gonna wait till it gets used a bit, lol!
    I absolutely love those Kleenex blotting sheets too and adore your purse! TK Maxx is def the best for bag and purse shopping IMO!

    Great post!!


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