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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Where has today gone? Oh days go so quickly and with winter on it's way, the daylight fades fast. So sorry for a bit of a boring post, but I ran out of time and light to post anything else. I promise an outfit post or a beauty review tomorrow. I'll also be holding my Witch BB Cream giveaway this week to so keep an eye out for that. Anyway here is my rather eclectic wishlist!

1. After seeing @meganisobel on Instagram label her kilner jars in her kitchen I feel like my life will not be complete without a label maker. I am currently de-cluttering and organising my room so this will come in handy. I think I'm just going to purchase one. This one is from the W.H Smith website and is only £8 something. I don't think that's too bad!

2. My lust for peter pan collars. I got paid on Friday and I'm sorting out my wardrobe that can only mean one thing filling it back up again. This pretty little dress in on ebay for around £9. So cute and great price. I might have to invest.

3. You can tell from my recent blog posts that interior design and decor is something I adore at the minute and when I went to Paralympics we popped into Westfield afterwards and I found myself lusting over some beautiful cushions in the Next homeware department. Although I love this I can make it myself which will be a lot cheaper than £14. I might do a DIY blog post about it if your interested?

4. Now this is the most beautiful jacket in the world! After seeing Jazmine from Jazabelle's diary wearing hers and swooning over the ones in the Liberty store in Westfield I've decided I desperately need one. They are made by Barbour and cost a small investment. Totally worth it but something I'm going to have to save for, or someone can buy me (hint,hint). I think my penny jar will be labelled (with the new label maker) Barbour jacket fund! Buy me one for over £200!

5. American Apparel glitter polish. How amazing is this? I have a pink glitter on my nails at the minute and I think I need to have more glitter polishes in my life. I'll need more storage for them but I NEED more glitter polishes. This one is £9 and is totally beautiful!

6. And finally. Rachel Khoo's book. I loved her Little Paris Kitchen series and I need this book in my life. My mum will probably end up getting me this for Christmas (I love getting books for Christmas) so I'll have to wait till then!

So that's my rather random wishlist and if you want to buy me anything, please go ahead!

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  1. I don't own many glitter nail polishes because I don't have the patience to take them off afterwards! I would love a rainbow one though, they always look gorgeous. And have you checked out Primark for cushions lately? I picked up a lovely one today for only £4! x

  2. Love the look of that glitter nail polish and i want the peter pan collared dress! xo



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