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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Recently I have been obsessed with baking, home and lifestyle blogs/magazines and photography. I think I may be in the nesting stage of my life! I have even started my bottom drawer (when my mum was my age girls would collect pieces for their new home, ready for married life). So I thought that I'd share my love with you. If you don't like seeing posts like this let me know and I post this kind of thing elsewhere in cyberspace.

Anyway my mum had this beautiful old chair in her room and I begged to have it eventually she gave in and it became mine. It was well loved and is far older than me. It wasn't in a very good state the stuffing was too old and the fabric was perishing. So I though it was about time to give it a new lease of life.

 I brought some fabric a while ago from a charity shop and I already had a glue gun I just needed to get some foam, which I brought today and had it cut to size for £10. And I literally just folded the fabric around the foam until it was smooth and then I glued it all in place. It took me around half an hour and I'm really impressed with my work!

Not bad huh? I also picked up the "HOME" letters from my local bargain store for 99p!

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts, I know you guys love seeing the baking posts and thank you very much for all your lovely comments.

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  1. It looks great :) I love posts like this and would love to see more :) x


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