Nutella cheesecake recipe!

Monday, April 08, 2013

I love dessert so much. When I'm out for a meal I will look at the dessert menu first. There's something so comforting about dessert. I also love it when they are easy to make. Like this one.

I know that everybody obsesses over Nutella and who doesn't like cheesecake so when I saw this in Nigelissama I had to make it. I know I'll have some very happy friends and family.

Here's the recipe:

Adapted from Nigelissama 


250g digestive biscuits
75g soft unsalted butter, melted
1  400g jar Nutella (at room temperature)
100g chopped hazelnuts
500g  soft cream cheese (at room temperature)
60g icing sugar (sifted)

First of all toast your hazelnuts. I heated mine in a pan on the hob for a couple of minutes.

Melt your butter over a low heat. Smash your biscuits into tiny crumbs and stir into the melted butter add 25g of the toasted hazelnuts.

Press the mixture into a lined spring form tin. And chill in the fridge while you prepare the topping.

For the topping, place the cream cheese and icing sugar into a bowl and beat until combined. Then add the Nutella. Stir until fully combined or you could leave it swirled. That looks pretty too.

Take the biscuit base out of the fridge and top with the Nutella mixture. Smooth down and then sprinkle over the rest of the hazelnuts.

Chill for at least 4 hours or overnight. Serve cold from the fridge.


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  1. Oh my GOD - nutella is my favourite thing ever, absolutely must try to make it! looks delicious :) xo

  2. This was the recipe that convinced me I needed to get Nigellissima! Still need to make it though, now my boyfriend's a Nutella fan (dont know what was wrong with him before!) hopefully I'll get round to it soon xx

  3. Oh good grief. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. x

  4. This looks so great! I think it's a contender for a special birthday cake... or just a really tasty dessert for a special occasion... or just a Tuesday treat? Haha.


  5. Hi Cathryn,

    This looks fantastic, I love nutella! I must give it a go - thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    I really like the hazelnuts on top, it shows that it's no ordinary cheesecake. The swirly idea sounds nice too!

    I've really been enjoying your blog and the Foodbloggers chats, so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    I really hope you'll take part!


    Cakes and Bakes by Kate - The Liebster Award

  6. This looks SO good. My boyfriend doesn't like it so if I made this I'd have to eat the whole lot. What a shame... :)

  7. This looks delicious! Nutella and cheesecake are to of my favourite things :D


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