It's not goodbye!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Things on here have been quite. Too quiet. As you know by now I am due to move house. Well we thought that by now we would be moved in and everything would be back to normal. How naive we were. I am still at home. No no new house yet. They are sure taking there time to cash our deposit and give us the keys. Everything in boxed and I only have a handful of outfits that can be worn as the rest of my vast collection of clothes is packed away in many (read lots) of boxes. It sure is annoying being in limbo. Not knowing when we can move in. A big part of me wants to just unpack some things so my bedroom is not just box after box but I know that pretty soon (fingers crossed) we will be in our own house. With a cute garden and it will be great. Plenty of outfit posts, I can start cooking again ( I am having major withdrawal symptoms), lots of lifestyle posts and it will be nice to have my camera back in my hands everyday.

I just wanted to update you so you know that I'm not going anywhere and thanks for sticking by me. I will be back soon and I can't wait to start blogging again.

I took my driving test a little early on Monday and failed. Boo. I hate reversing around corners. Give me another couple of weeks and I'll be able to drive! Yay for no more L Plates. Then I have to find a car. Oh the joys of being an adult. Everything is all go at the minute. I can't wait till everything has settled down and I can start enjoying everything again!

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  1. My boyfriend just passed his second attempt, so don't fret! x

  2. I took my theory test 3 times (many reasons as to why) and my practical 3 times so don't panic. It happens, you'll pass eventually.
    I was at uni with one girl who took her practical 9 times before having to move to an easier test route to pass for her 10th attempt.


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