Laura Ashley Room Refresh!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

See the pink house in the middle there. Very shortly that will be my home. I can't wait to get in and make everything look perfect. So when I saw Annie's competition I jumped at the chance to take part. Homeware is my life at the minute.  Now as I don't have a picture of any rooms in the house yet I haven't picked a specific room to refresh. To be fair all of the rooms need a refresh!

Other than the beautiful rocking chair I've picked accessories all the things that make home feel like home! I'd love to fill my new house up with Laura Ashley homeware! 


2 Replies


  1. The rocking chair would be so cute and i love the tea cups! xo

  2. My mum has become a Laura Ashley freak since my sister and I moved out. The house looks like a giant showroom. I love those teacups x


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