Christmas twig tree

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I've seen and pinned so many of these beautiful twigs trees and I thought there's no excuse not to have one. We had bad weather here recently, floods and high winds so there's a lot of fallen trees/twigs. The other morning we popped out to a flee market and on the way back came across a fallen branch. I put the Mr to work and he broke me off some branches. After he had finished being a reindeer!

 Not only are we recycling (or stealing depending on how you look at it) we're making our home look pretty too!

So off you go, gather some twigs and decorate. You may have noticed I've used my salt dough ornaments on mine.

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5 Replies


  1. How cute!

    Emma x

  2. Awh I love this, looks great! :)


  3. Just sent my OH link to some Christmas music to print. Now off to go find some jars. Thanks for the inspiration.


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