Red & white chocolate popcorn.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Another Valentines post. But don't feel left out if you're single. All of my DIY's and recipes can be for one too or invite some friends round for great company and great food.

This idea came from Pinterest (like most ideas) however they used a red velvet cake mixture instead of red food colouring. Which would be lovely if you like the mix of textures, I on the other hand thought that the two textures together would be a bit weird so I came up with this idea instead. It's keeps the red colour but without another texture. 

Adding the white chocolate makes the popcorn beautifully sweet which is just perfect. It also doesn't stick the popcorn together so no clumps (ergh what a horrible word that is!). 

Today my mama is holding an afternoon tea party for me. Which is lovely of her. Everyone that's coming has either baked or bought something so there's not too much work. I can't wait it will be perfect to spend the afternoon with my family as pre-birthday treat. 

Anyway back to the popcorn.

You will need:

A packed of microwave popcorn or a bag of store brought popcorn
100g white chocolate
Red gel food colouring

Cook your popcorn according to bag instructions. Once cooked tip into a bowl.

Use as much red food colouring as needed to colour the popcorn.

Break the squares of white chocolate up and melt in the microwave. 

Once melted pour onto the popcorn and stir until evenly combined.

Serve with a movie and your loved one or your best friends!

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  1. Cathryn, you are a genius. What a cute idea! x

  2. Great idea! I'm looking for ideas to make smores popcorn after I bought some from TKMaxx last week, and this has come just at the right time!


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